General Oil, Co.

Worldwide Trading Solutions For the Acquisition and Negotiation of Physical Liquid Energy Commodities

General Oil is a US-private corporation founded in 1997.

General Oil its affiliates and subsidiaries provide their clients and partners with worldwide trading services for the acquisition and negotiation of physical liquid energy commodities, including hedging, price risk management, financing, transportation, and storage.  We have offices in New York; Caracas, Venezuela; London, U.K., Lima, Peru; and representative offices in Ecuador, Argentina and Dominican Republic.

General Oil Co., Inc. trades for its system, Physical Crude, Distillates, Residual Fuel Oil, Feedstocks, LPG, Lubricants, and Asphalt.  We negotiate these physical liquid cargoes through joint venture arrangements and specially designed agreements with local and foreign suppliers, refiners, wholesalers, and distributors in the most active trading regions, while covering specific requirements satisfying local demand at competitive prices, thus allowing our destination partners to obtain considerable margins as well as uninterrupted supply.

We are active traders of Specialty Products such as Paving Asphalt, Roofing Flux, and Base Oils. We deal mainly with institutional clients from both private and public sectors.  Our specialty is paving road asphalt PG 67-22 and 64-22 or 60/70 PEN, widely utilized in our roads in the USA, the Caribbean, Africa and South America.

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